Once upon a time lived a smiling yet troubling witch.
One night, she realized there was nothing left in her fridge.
Thus, in the woods she did not roam,
For the sweetest meat she would bring home.

Drag & Drop - Make the story flow toward the end!

Game created for Global Game Jam 2019

Theme : What home means to you | Time : 48 hours

Written by :
Sacha Chouery & Loïc da Silva : Game Design & Sound Design
Aloïs Carrez & Ralph Nicolas : Programming
Christine Alcouffe : 2D Art
Colin Sayetta : 3D Art


The Hungry Witch and the Gourmet Dish (Windows) 55 MB
The Hungry Witch and the Gourmet Dish (Mac OS X) 57 MB
The Hungry Witch and the Gourmet Dish (Linux) 59 MB


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I really liked this! Cool idea to make a pop-up story book. It was a little too dark in some spots and it was a little hard to read some of the parts on the book but other then that I thought it was pretty fun! The art itself was really well done and I wish that the game was longer. Any plans to make more stories in this style?

Thanks a lot for your video! It was really fun to watch, I'm glad you loved our game that much! Working on it was really cool for me. :-D
I actually made some changes on the game a few days ago, with better lighting in the third chapter and with the ambient sounds we didn't had time to implement!
Sadly, we're not planning to work on another pop-up storybook, as our team was created especially for GGJ 2019, but I would love to. :-D

I will have to give it another go and check out the lighting improvements! Are you guys going to keep making more games for other jams in the future? 

Nice, hope I'll enjoy them. :-D I'm planning to make more games in the future for game jams, but also for projects (school or personal)! It should also be the case for the rest of the team. ^^