A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

On planet Van'tot, a mysterious treasure is said to be hidden... Now, it is up to our treasure hunter to find it before facing her sudden demise.

Dare to face the dangers of this thrilling race against time!

Prototype originally designed for the Systemic Jam

Theme : Create a systemic game | Time : 2 months

Wissam Azzi : Game Design Lead & Level Design

Loïc da Silva : Game Design, Level Design & Scenario

Alban Gorin : Game Design & Level Design

Clément Patricio : Programming

Ulysse Rouault-Lelièvre : Programming

Elise Malbec : Art Direction & Illustrations

Claude Cohen : Character Modeling & Animation

Théo Verpillat : Environment Art & Animation

Jérémy Guarober : Music & Sound Design

Benoît Gauthier : UI Design

Constance Gautier : Project Management

Special thanks :
• Darius Guernet
Sophie Almecija


One's Treasure (Windows) 69 MB
One's Treasure (Mac OS X) 72 MB
One's Treasure (Linux) 73 MB

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