A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In my mind, the images and the memories of my childhood are like disorganised fragments.

Drag and drop the pictures and help me recollect the remains of the past.

Game created by students from the Cnam-Enjmin and the EESI

Time : 3 days

Written by :

  • Alexandre Charvin | Narrative Design
  • Loïc da Silva | Narrative Design & Project Management
  • Damien Drouillard | Music Arrangement & Sound Design
  • Simon Gigant | Programming
  • Chiara Rosmarino | Programming
  • Gabriel Kalnins | Game Art
  • Guillaume Landru | Game Art
  • Juliette Sauvage | Game Art
  • Elise Trouillet | Game Art

    Music used in the game

    • Satie, Gymnopédie No.1
    • Satie, Gnossienne No.4
    • Satie, Gnossienne No.5
    • My Old Garden by hatincat


    Bygone Days Atop the Apple Tree (Windows) 72 MB
    Bygone Days Atop the Apple Tree (Mac OS X) 37 MB

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