A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Ami and Mia, the Prodigies of Ice, were always like two parts of a whole. To see only one of them on stage was unthinkable for their numerous admirers.

And now, here they are... Resolved to perform their last duet.

Game created by students from the Cnam-Enjmin

Time : 5 weeks | Two controllers needed

This show is brought to you by :
• Alexandre Charvin & Loïc da Silva : Game Design
• Clément Patricio & Guilhem Pech : Programming
• Magali Lefort & Téo Salvi : Game Art
• Laurent Bariet : Music & Sound Design
• Rémi Moreaux : UX Design & UI Art
Nicolas Victoire : Project Management


Blood on Ice (Windows) 58 MB
Blood on Ice (Mac OS X) 59 MB

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