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its nice little game. need more relaxing game like this

You Linux build is x86 only, so anyone with a 64-bit arch can't play it (that's almost every linux user).  I'd love to play the game, so I hope you can release a revised build for Linux.


After a long time (like 3 days), the linux x86_64 version of the game is release ! I hope it work well ! (I'm the developper of the game) 
I hope you will enjoy this little moment of calm from this game, good play !

Your new linux build works perfectly.  I appreciated the game.  Thanks!


Really lovely and calming game!  Loved the experience from the visuals to the music! 


Allow me to say, this is such a wonderful game. The level of imposed drama by the music throughout the entire game is something fully developed games can lack. Although this was a short experience, the aid of music was absolutely wonderful. I was never at all bored with your creation, but rather felt engaged on a deeper level of focus. To the developers, this is a rarity in the indie community. It is both wonderful and interesting to see how such a small game invokes deep emotions. I have always been a fan of orchestra compositions, and you have done a fantastic job in implementing them here. I hope you carry on to develop more equally as wonderful and artistic experiences. 


Hi! Sorry for the late answer.

This game was my first time as a music producer and sound designer for games, so your comment made me really happy! I was quite hard to implement it and make it "evolutive" during the game and I'm glad people like you loved it.

Thank you for your comment and your great video!